The experience of the team of Economists and Tax Advisers in our office guarantees integral and specialist advice enabling us to act in the strategic planning of other areas. The professionals who make up this department give constant support to other areas, especially the Commercial, Financial and Employment departments, looking for solutions to reduce the risk from a tax-efficient point of view so as to be able to achieve the objectives set by our clients.

Annual Tax Planning, both national and international.

Advice on tax optimisation of any operation that the Company considers appropriate. General tax planning.

Operations of tax/property planning or restructuring.

State taxes: VAT or IVA, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Property Transfer Tax and Legal Documentation Duty, Inheritance Tax and Donations.

Local taxes: Economic Activity Tax, Property Tax, Capital Gains Tax on land.

Tax advice to non-residents.

Prior advice on the most suitable legal form for the creation of a company from the fiscal point of view.

Mergers and company acquisitions.

Planning of successions and inheritances.

Periodic and specific declarations-assessments: study, drawing up and presentation, whether annual and quarterly or monthly.

Planning: prior analysis of the year end, of VAT/IVA, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

Analysis for taxation purposes of the creations, transformations, mergers and liquidations of companies, as well as real estate and financial investments.

Tax inspections: assistance, defence, responses to summonses, assessments and appeals, for all taxes in our scope of activity with any administrative body.

Tax audits (Due Diligence) prior to investment in a company, to analyse in depth the fulfilment by it of all formal and material obligations; evaluating possible tax contingencies.

We advise and provide assistance to our clients in all instances for processes of acquisition, merger, sale or spin off of companies.

Tax management actions.