The team of employment lawyers and advisers in the office, apart from managing and carrying out the administrative steps in relation to employment, supplies a wide service of labour and social security consultancy as well as any action in relation to cases in the relevant courts, giving a solution to all the needs which arise in the social and employment area thanks to the wide knowledge and experience of our team.

Registration, deregistration and variations of employees.


Drawing up of Employment Contracts, advice regarding the types of employment contracts, social security payments, registration of employment contracts, expiry, extensions and modifications to employment contracts, dismissals and company certificates.

Economic and accounting documentation regarding payrolls, dismissals and national insurance contributions.

Regularization of payrolls.

Collective agreements and applicable legislation.

Representation of the client before the general treasury of social security (TGSS), state employment service (SEPE), national social security institute (INSS), mutual insurance funds and any other public or private body.

Representation and defence of the interests of the client with the Employment Inspectorate and the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliations service (SMAC).

Handling of notifications of leave/cessation of employment due to temporary incapacity, occupational accident or maternity (DELTA System).

Representation and defence of the interests of the client in relation to any court action to be taken in the Employment Courts.

Social security.

Certificates of withholding.

Work, Reports, Appeals, Documents or individual actions vis-à-vis any Body / Institution / Office / Individual (Appeals, Claims, Response to Summons, Consultations, etc.).

Registration of Spanish and foreign firms.

Registrations as self-employed and other special categories.

Risk Prevention Plan.

Executive contracts and pay.

Quarterly Income Tax Declarations, Form 111, and Annual Income Tax Declaration, Form 190. Certificates of withholding and notification of data to the payer.

“Flexible payment” studies and social benefits for saving costs and taxes (IRPF – Income Tax).

Studies of absenteeism and workplace accidents.

Labour matters concerning the company and its employees.